A doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a degree that has not yet received a research degree

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a degree that has not been awarded a research degree, demonstrating that the candidate has the ability to conduct research independently and has made a unique contribution to the knowledge of the subject, providing evidence of coherence and originality, Whether researchers or researchers. Discover new facts or exercise independent critical authority. Candidates' study plans will be supervised by at least two supervisors Hong Kong universities.

The degree requires a maximum dissertation length of 75,000 to 100,000 words (depending on the department) and a written assessment submitted by three examiners outside the university. Before submitting a doctoral dissertation, all candidates must follow a university-recognized study plan and research plan and adhere to the period stipulated in the Rules for Higher Degree Research (usually not less than two years).

Candidates' study plans must be conducted under the guidance of a qualified Macquarie academic and are usually conducted within the university. However, there are regulations that allow candidates to conduct most courses outside the university with the approval of faculty members.

In some disciplines, top universities in hong kong further research training or preliminary course work planning in research preparation may be required before admission. For more information, see the “Macquarie Research Program Approach” section and the “Faculty” section of this manual.

Candidate length

A PhD is equivalent to a three-year full-time course. The minimum period for candidates is two years, the maximum period for full-time candidates is three years, and the maximum period for part-time candidates is six years.

Full-time candidates are expected to conduct an average of at least 40 hours of research programs each week. Part-time candidates should spend an average of at least 20 hours per week participating in their research program and consult with their supervisors weekly.

See Governance, Legislation and Rules Calendar for more details.

Entry Requirements

In order to pursue a PhD, universities need to confirm that future candidates will be able to complete their degree within this time and:

1. They have carried out important research on this specialty, exceeding the level of undergraduate, and have the ability to make strategic decisions on the research status and main new research directions of their respective fields, so as to prepare for HDR-level projects top universities in hong kong;

2. Candidates have completed major research projects at the master's level, which indicates that they have extensive experience in independently identifying research issues; the method used in designing a research project enables them to demonstrate other options, and their The project has reached coherent and reasonable conclusions related to the literature.

For more information on admission requirements, please see the PhD requirements.